Alamo Mental Health Group is a private behavioral health group practice and all of its providers are independently licensed to practice in their own area of expertise and interest. Each provider is fully independent from the others who share office space at this location. The providers are each sole proprietors of their practice and each has complete control and responsibility for their practice within their respective specialty.

Our goal is to provide the best individualized treatment possible. To meet this goal, Alamo Mental Health Group has a group of highly skilled providers who are licensed, qualified mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, and psychotherapists, providing a variety of behavioral health services.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors (MD's or DO's) certified in treating mental illness using a biomedical approach to mental disorders. They are available to prescribe medications. Psychiatrists do not typically provide psychotherapy or counseling, although some may be trained to conduct psychotherapy.

Psychologists are Ph.D. and Psy.D. level practitioners who are not medical doctors, but have advanced training in the assessment and treatment of psychiatric disorders. Psychologists do provide individual psychotherapy with children adolescents, and adults. They also provide couples, and family therapy, as well as perform psychological, cognitive, intellectual, and academic assessments and evaluations.

Psychotherapists are master level practitioners (licensed clinical social workers and licensed professional counselors) who are not medical doctors, but are trained to assess, diagnose, and treat individuals with psychiatric disorders. They provide individual psychotherapy with children adolescents, and adults. They also provide couples, and family therapy.

Our Professional Staff

Diane B. Castillo LCSW   [more info]

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Michael G. Castillo Ph.D.   [more info]

Licensed Psychologist

John W. Perry Ph.D.   [more info]

Licensed Psychologist


Italo A. Samano Ph.D.   [more info]

Licensed Psychologist


Jose R. Odio MS, LPC, LMFT   [more info]

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


James R. Furlin MS., LPC   [more info]

Licensed Professional Counselor


Lou Fabre M.D., Ph.D.   [more info]



Earl Stenger MD   [more info]



Teresa Brothers M.D.   [more info]



Clarissa Chaison-McRae MD   [more info]

Board-Certified Psychiatrist


Javen Cavazos M.D.   [more info]



Shawna Deeves M.D.   [more info]